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WE and fuel conservation

It’s today, usually off day for my children, but as the annual day practice is on, my younger one had to go to school. Though he was excited to go, but I was irritated with the thought that I need to wake up early today also and pack his tiffin. The other annoying thing is that I have to drop him a little far away from our apartment as school buses will only be plying only on selected routes. Our usual stop is just at our apartment gate.

This was not enough to upset me. When we walked down to reach the bus stop, I found five other children ,two of them from our society and the three of them from the society just next to ours, there. Of course, this is not what made me sad. The fact that all five of them were dropped by their parent in five different cars and scooters is really not appreciable.

Aren’t we supposed to be teaching Fuel conservation to our children or it’s just another chapter in the syllabus, or for some poster making or art competition.

Moreover, I just overheard one of the kids telling my son that he is the only one who walked down here. O please, it was hardly 5 minutes walk. When we, as parents cannot encourage our children to actually apply the fuel conservation concepts in our life, who are we dependent on for saving this planet? The whole concept and propaganda fails here. Is it only on papers? Is it just the talks?

We need to act. We need to start. We need to apply. And this ‘we’ includes us, each one of us.


Money matters

A few months back.. 

I was clueless about how to make my child prepare for a debate. The topic was ‘Money is important’. He has to speak for the motion. And when I first heard about it, I asked him if he could speak against the motion. When I, myself not agree with it, how can I prepare the write – up for it. He immediately replied that it cannot be changed now. We have no option to choose from. The teacher decides and you have to write. He himself started giving me ideas on what could we write about it. Then, I searched, read googled, about the topic, half heartedly. I could not convince myself. I had never felt the money is really that much important.  Its undebatable topic, until today…. 

People seek favour. Its ok. Perfect. But when asked same thing in return, they respond as if I am selfish. I didn’t go to them. They are doing business so they have official right to be selfish. They will do it, the return of favour they asked, only for money. Here’s the story…. 

Someone asked my child’s papers, which are, of course not much important to me as he will be going to next class. I can give them happily but when the person who asked for it, runs an institution of enrichment classes for children, I tried my luck asking for the sheets from her classes, then, I was told that it comes with the price tag. And I got that humiliating feel that I cannot afford that. Now, this comes from the common friend, so it hurts more. So,Money Matters! 
I know that I’m still going to help as selfish word does not suit me. But the incident has incited me to reconsider my beliefs about some things and some people. Thank you God!!