Adventure in my life 

​Adventure in my life

‘You’ll have an adventurous life’, a local and my aunt’s trusted astrologer, panditji had once said so. It was more than a decade ago. I wanted to laugh then, but didn’t. Adventure? In my life? I don’t allow myself to take risks. One can never find me carefree. I hesitate to go on a new path. And to top it all, I have motion sickness! I would rather prefer sitting idle at home than to travel a few kilometres, popping an anti vomiting pill (resulting in nausea), just to have fun! No way. So I’m disqualified to be an adventurer. It’s better not to take these kind of predictions seriously. 

Then, later, on one day,  after almost fifteen years I suddenly realised my life is, and has been an adventurous one. I had not travelled much yet in my life but I started feeling adventure, thrill and excitement just by living in my way. I’m expected to handle the unexpected. Isn’t this a type of adventure? 

When I had to run at 9 pm to buy stationery for my kids, as that is the time they suddenly remember about their teacher’s instructions to bring some craft items next day in school. I feel adventure in that. Getting myself dressed up in 2 minutes and rushing to the nearest stationery shop and if that happened to be closed, moving ahead as fast as I can to look for the next shop. More adventure! 

I’m the youngest in family amongst my generation. I always got love, care and protection but getting heard and proving my point of view were an adventurous task. I had to plan and present my ideas in a convincing way, sometimes added with expected tantrums, sometimes with unexpected self confidence. It’s surely a fun packed adventure and then comes the feeling of achievement, goal accomplished! 

Managing guests at home, going out for the kitty party on the same day and kid’s school test the next day becomes stressful at times but one can assume it to be unplanned journeys on an adventurous trip! And if one is a working woman, its more challenging and more adventurous, I think. 

I do not intend to compare adventurous trips out to some interesting place and the daily household experiences. I just want to make myself realise that you are what you feel. Our life is important and it’s not difficult to feel the beauty of life in everything we do. It depends on our perception. Once you start enjoying  your work, nothing can stop you from being happy. Life is an adventure. Do not miss the fun! 


Happiness, my job

Happiness, my job

I am a woman, I do many jobs 

One of them is, to be happy 

Is it a job? Yes, it is, yes it must be, for

I can’t be happy just like that. 

All seems fine when I look happy

And it’s my job to ensure all is fine

So I’m happy, yes, I’m happy dear. 
Kids feel safe, secured and serene

When I look happy, they can be naughty

And what else is childhood all about. 
You can be calm and take some rest

Smile on my face is not just for me  

It’s also to tell you, you are doing best. 
I love to be chirpy and that is all want

I’m pleased, honoured and proud

my happiness makes them happy

That’s the best emolument for my job. 

Word power, for me

Words have power. We must have heard this many times. Here, I do not mean what we say to others. I feel that the words affect ourselves too. Long back, I felt that power within myself when I heard the word ‘ibtadaa‘. It’s an urdu word meaning, the beginning. I don’t know the language but the beauty of this word mesmerised me. I could not recollect how and when I got introduced to this word. When I told about it to my father(fathers are usually the first encyclopedia of children), he explained much more than I sought for(he usually used to do so and I loved it always). He was glad that I have found my word, my power. 

Ibtadaa, the word itself was powerful enough to take me out of any kind of negativity. It worked for me. It still works . We sometimes look for some fresh start. This word inspired me to do so. It’s like a push button for me. Everyday, we have to face many endings, small ones or sometimes, the big ones. This word equally worked in both scenarios. 

Look out for your ‘word’. There is one for each one of us, the word which works for you. Feed yourself with that word power. You will feel like you own that word. The word that is a feeling, that reassures your faith, that does not let you down come what may be, that energises your nerves to get up and show the world your power, your worth, the real you! 

Let live

Last night was not a comfortable, usual one. The distress was felt which is though not a new thing to me still it was not the same one. When I’m constantly praying and doing my bit of struggle to improve my life, always looking for ways to explore the world outside as well as within me; then,  some uncouth, selfish inhabitants of this world brutally take away lives that are divinely meant to coexist in this beautiful world. 

It’s impossible for me to understand any reason for destruction. Disagreements lead to arguments or at the most, one can ignore or avoid confrontations but only in my own little world. It shivered each of my tiny cells inside my body when someone  took this beautiful life away from other people. 

It’s equally hard to explain it to kids who are still learning-honesty is the best policy, stealing and abusing is bad, we must help each other, etc. Please do not scare these little kids who are into the process of building their dreams and hoping and waiting them to realise in our world. 

Parent-Good or best

​People think they are grown up once they start working or get married. I feel that I have still not reached that point of realisation, feeling grown up. I’m married. I have worked for quite some time though quitted the job to raise my children and take care of my home and family. I’m still growing. I’m not talking of the physical age,  you know it. I’m still doubtful of my decision even when I instruct my children to do something or not to do something. Though my intentions are always to protect them and do good for them but I am not sure about the way I’m leading their way. I’m  learning parenthood.  I feel nervous. Am I doing good enough for them? Am I doing right for them? I cannot call my decisions as a perfect one but I just try to be making them one. I still feel need to be guided. But sadly,  there is no one to guide.  I just pray to God and bless me with the capability and understanding to do best for my children. 
I remember, being a child I had so much faith and trust on my parents. I still feel that they cannot be wrong about anything. Will my children have that kind of faith on me? 

After accepting these facts,  I feel a kind of strength within myself that only a mother can feel. Whatsoever dilemma I face, I feel that my instincts and experience prove to be right in the upbringing of my children. Enjoying parenthood rather than feeling stressful about my decisions is the best way I can feel confident and lead a good example for my kids. 

my thoughts and perceptions are reflections of my soul and reasons to admire the world.