Life is a journey… Just a reminder. 

Life is a journey. We all have heard or read this many times. We believe it too. Some of us have felt it also. We are always on the move. We are always preparing to do something. just like in a trip, we plan to go some place, visit the famous or may be not so famous spots in and around that  place. In the journey of our life too, we plan something and do it accordingly. Sometimes, unplanned and unexpected things, good or bad, happens and we just have to live. Just live, just breathe, just let it go. It will go. Good or bad. And we continue our journey. We don’t know when it’s going to end, How it’s going to end. Do Not think about that. You will not, if you are living each moment. Good moments does not require much efforts from our side to be lived. Bad, sad moments seem to be heavy. But if you learn the art of living it like, just-any-moment, it will not affect you much. Treat it only like a rough patch on the road. You came, you got bumped, and you passed by. That’s all. Do Not carry it further. If you feel pain, get it healed. Get it cured, Yourself. Or, better, Leave it right there. Let it be. You move on. Remember, it’s a journey. You will miss the fun of scenes that are yet to come, if you keep on thinking of that rough patch. So enjoy the rest of the journey. Your life journey. Live all the  moments. Build memories. Cherish it…. THE JOURNEY OF LIFE. 


Life is to live on

Life is to live on

Mistakes devastate us. It’s not the consequences of mistakes that we have done, bring distress. Actually, it’s the feeling, the guilt, the self criticism, that won’t allow us to be calm. 

We know that we should learn from our mistakes. Or forget about past. Or move on. We know. But when we face it, THE moment, even if it’s for a while, seems to be long, too long than we want it to be. 

But eventually, we do move on. We have to. The real test is now. How we deal with it, decides who is stronger, YOU or your FEAR. Try doing following simple steps to get some comfort :

  1. ‌Accept it ASAP: It is done. Accept it.  Own it. 
  2. ‌Find remedy: Think about the ways to rectify it. FOCUS on that. Solve it. (Don’t just talk about it when you are doing nothing to solve it). 
  3. ‌Take help: Do not shy away from taking help. Remember, Man is a social animal (I had started many school essays with this sentence and it worked! ). People feel great when somebody seek advice from them. You just need to find the right person! 
  4. ‌Do it yourself: Actual rectification is your take now. Work honestly hard. 
  5. ‌Feel better: If there is a will, there is a way. You will find the solution. When you had actually worked to make things right, you will surely feel better. It won’t haunt you. The inner peace which you have got is the best reward. 

Life is to live on. 

Good Luck!! 

Have no fear

Have no fear

Wish to go beyond boundaries?

It’s plethora of pleasant feelings there.

It’s tough at first, with fears and dilemmas
Make a choice, firm you up.

Leave no stone unturned, let you sweat
Trust your strength, it’s there in you.

Failures, frustrations cannot stop you anymore
Do it for you, who else will then.

Life is yours, Be alive, spread your wings
See yourself rising up, serene in glory.

I love you TWO

​I Love you TWO

Love it or hate it, it’s going to be here

It’s ego for some, self respect for me

It’s beneath my skin, not so visible 

But it’s there, I’m pretty much sure. 

Fear of losing it might make me bitter 

My love for you, still is the winner

Don’t ask for more, I won’t prefer

Walk with me, let not it shatter. 

It’s blooming, blossoming with life

Let it breathe, give some peace

You’ll find a better me, a better you

And that’s what for we together are. 

A confession 


A few months back, my eight year old boy did his school project on ‘Helping Hands‘. He was so thrilled with the concept that everyday, he started telling me ‘new’ areas in which he could be a helping hand to others, of course in his own little way. I was feeling proud that my little boy is having learning of his life and he is loving and enjoying it until that night, when he whispered, “mamma, you are very kind. You are a great help”. He slept then. 

I could barely sleep that night. What have I done in my life? Did my child make a sarcastic remark on me? Had I helped anyone? I could not remember a single instance. I had always been engrossed in my work. So selfish. Except for doing some household work, MY household work, I had never thought of being a help to anyone. I had done nothing for a social cause. No NGOs. Never adopted any pet. People are doing so much for girl education, old people, health, environment, there’s so much to do in this world. What I had done so far? Nothing. Oh, really, nothing, nothing for the society. My child had shook my conscience. I was feeling like a culprit. Actually, it must have been always there somewhere inside me. But I had been ignoring it. And now my child’s statement churned my thoughts and the guilt came out. 

With heavy heart and mild headache,I started MY work, the usual morning chores, the next day. I prepared breakfast. Kids woke up at usual time. I was standing with a glass of milk beside their bed, it was MY usual work, as they have a habit of drinking milk, the first thing in the morning. That morning, I was feeling ashamed of not doing even my usual work properly. I should have inculcated the habit of drinking water as the first thing in the morning, but I could not even do this simple task, how can I be of any help to the society? 

My child, at first did not notice anything unusual, I thought so. But, after getting ready for the school, at the breakfast table he enquired about my dull mood. I tried to give arbitrary answer that he did not understand. He just said, “Mamma.Visit a doctor if you are not feeling well. I need your help in all my things. Otherwise, I would not be able to do this week’s Helping Hand work in my school’s cleanliness drive”.  THAT felt nice. 

Actually, now I think that I was looking for some kind of appreciation for what I’m doing. We all want acceptance, or better, appreciation. Everyone looks for it.  Humility and modesty is okay but still, we always love to be appreciated. That gives us a sense of being important even if it’s for one person or for one cause. This would, in turn boosts our morale and we continue to be a good human being. If appreciation would not be required, there would be no awards, trophies or any other kind of recognition given to anyone. 

I got appreciation from my little one. But still, helping society in some way is there in my mind and if given right opportunity at right time I would love to work for some good cause. We all, should. 

Ready to Fly 

Ready to Fly

Have you seen my wings? 

I took it out and paused for a while

Must’ve messed it with worldly things.


Want, again, to fly

Sky is there, that’s all I see, today 

Time lost, desires not withered away. 
It’s fresh within, intense fire and light

Gathered all gears, just poised

Prepared to take my long due flight. 

my thoughts and perceptions are reflections of my soul and reasons to admire the world.