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Yes, you are there,there always,
In different forms,in different ways.

When you need to show strength
You weren’t sure, still gave your best.
And then you came to me, exhausted,fatigued, tired,
Still, you are there, there always?

Your hard work is incomparable,
Honesty unmatched,unnoticed in world,
And expects me to understand, cooperate with you
Still you say, you are there always,for me?

You are so pure soul,
Fighting hard, struggling, with sincerity,
Your sorrys only, we hear for the time we lost,
How still,you are there,there always!


Love you dad

You were there that time, 

When I first stepped into sunshine. 

I remember that feel, 

Worries and trouble when kneel. 

Your shadow was enough, 

To make all my wounds heal. 

How strong were you, 

I could realise only now. 

When you, my shield, is gone, 

And I have to face things, of all sorts. 

Was all this so complex for you too? 

But you never made me feel so. 

I love you, I love you dad, 

Your absence is also teaching me, 

The things which I still need to learn, 

Wish you could see, I’m growing, now from within! 

Have no fear

Have no fear

Wish to go beyond boundaries?

It’s plethora of pleasant feelings there.

It’s tough at first, with fears and dilemmas
Make a choice, firm you up.

Leave no stone unturned, let you sweat
Trust your strength, it’s there in you.

Failures, frustrations cannot stop you anymore
Do it for you, who else will then.

Life is yours, Be alive, spread your wings
See yourself rising up, serene in glory.

Happiness, my job

Happiness, my job

I am a woman, I do many jobs 

One of them is, to be happy 

Is it a job? Yes, it is, yes it must be, for

I can’t be happy just like that. 

All seems fine when I look happy

And it’s my job to ensure all is fine

So I’m happy, yes, I’m happy dear. 
Kids feel safe, secured and serene

When I look happy, they can be naughty

And what else is childhood all about. 
You can be calm and take some rest

Smile on my face is not just for me  

It’s also to tell you, you are doing best. 
I love to be chirpy and that is all want

I’m pleased, honoured and proud

my happiness makes them happy

That’s the best emolument for my job.