All good…all well

God is omnipresent. All people have God inside them. We hear many similar good godly things. Many religions,beliefs and practices are prevalent in our society. It’s great. Different people following different practices still come together, many times, for cultural or social causes and celebrations. It’s actually nice.

But, it’s awkward when some people pursue others to follow a particular practice. No religion is superior or inferior to any other. I find many good things in each one of them. It’s obvious that if I’m following one of them,then I will tell others about good teachings and stories associated with it,and that is good! We can learn good values and life practices from everyone.

Some people’s mission is just to increase numbers…the number of people following the practice they believe in. Is it ok? It’s ok to tell,just to know about their experiences and learnings. But please let others decide what they want to do in life. Please don’t make it as your mission to increase the number of followers. Even the good teachings of the same practice loses its value when people following it has only one thing in mind,that is, increase the ‘number’!!

Let each practice be respected and please allow people to get good learnings from all the religions and practices. Let this number game be stopped .I’m sure each practice has something valuable we can learn and follow in our life. Let each person take nectar from each flower in the garden so that the sweetest honey be given back to the society 😊.


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