Be yourself. Live. 

Some people live life just as they have been TAUGHT to; this might help them win the survival game or ensure that they are at the safest distance from all kinds of controversies but, after a certain time, doesn’t their conscious gets reluctant to own them? Strange? But I’m sure, at least some of us share the same feelings.
 When we are about to start feeling that we are the New Generation, we find the generation next to us is already there, growing fast to TEACH us now! 

‘Being Me’ becomes difficult; these people were being guided so much all through their life that they do not remember what they actually are and what they really want to do in life. You will say that this is good,  Good luck. Yes. OK, They are blessed. No doubt. 

Merely following instructions feel like dependent forever. They are being protected to the extent that they could not feel their identity as an individual. Though they had enjoyed that dependency but not forever, especially, when they grow up, it seems everyone is concerned about themselves now, and THEN, they are left on their own. Suddenly, they are dropped! 

It’s their inability to notice when that happened.  They get confused. They don’t know what to do with themselves. 

After that realisation,  they do gather courage and wisdom to start afresh without offending anyone. That is the time when they look for all inspirational books and incline towards spirituality for mental peace. And other people think that they are becoming too much religious. But they know that deep inside they want the same carefree life and all-things-get-managed-on-their-own type of environment!! 

Hey dear, It is the time when you hone your talent of socialising just to have that ‘In‘ kind of feeling. You might start feeling matured now. You think that you have become wiser! And you start preaching others too! And then, you have this sudden, but expected realisation that you actually did not live YOUR life. You might think that you had lost so much of YOUR years. By this time kids start telling you their wants and needs and YOU are bound to cater them!!! 😇

Still ,Live your remaining life, by BEING YOURSELF. 

All the best! 


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