Live happily… Its easy 

​Sorrow is never Sorrow.. I recently realised it. It is just our inability to notice our blessings. 

It’s our stupidity that we do not realise that we have plenty… As much as needed to be cheerful. Why we need someone else to make us realise that we are blessed enough to remain happy? We go to babas or sadhus for the enlightenment. Or sometimes, it’s the suffering of others that give the lesson of our life! This happened just recently with me. 

She is the best lady, the best mother, the happiest mother, the happiest lady…. I had given these titles to her and may be, many more, always in my heart and my mind. I always thought why I can’t be so jolly type of person like her. She is raising a handsome, confident son. He is also brilliant, has charismatic personality. They both spend a good time together.. Go out for lunch, fun, party etc. She seem to be my ideal for the way life is to be lived.

Today, I got to know that her husband is bed ridden since last 10 years!! He has some problems with nervous system. He can speak but no limb movements could be possible. She told me. I could see tears in her eyes and felt in mine too. But I do not want to make her realise that I am such a weak person. I could not even listen the things which she had been coping since long, that too with smile always. I never thought life would give me such a big lesson like this… 

Count your blessings. 

I always liked this mother – son duo and now I have a deep respect for them. She is my inspiration for how life should be lived. And now, sympathy, crying, misery are out of my dictionary. Live and Live happily… Always, come what may be. Be tougher than your problems. That is my new year resolution!!! 


Love you dad

You were there that time, 

When I first stepped into sunshine. 

I remember that feel, 

Worries and trouble when kneel. 

Your shadow was enough, 

To make all my wounds heal. 

How strong were you, 

I could realise only now. 

When you, my shield, is gone, 

And I have to face things, of all sorts. 

Was all this so complex for you too? 

But you never made me feel so. 

I love you, I love you dad, 

Your absence is also teaching me, 

The things which I still need to learn, 

Wish you could see, I’m growing, now from within! 

Life is a journey… Just a reminder. 

Life is a journey. We all have heard or read this many times. We believe it too. Some of us have felt it also. We are always on the move. We are always preparing to do something. just like in a trip, we plan to go some place, visit the famous or may be not so famous spots in and around that  place. In the journey of our life too, we plan something and do it accordingly. Sometimes, unplanned and unexpected things, good or bad, happens and we just have to live. Just live, just breathe, just let it go. It will go. Good or bad. And we continue our journey. We don’t know when it’s going to end, How it’s going to end. Do Not think about that. You will not, if you are living each moment. Good moments does not require much efforts from our side to be lived. Bad, sad moments seem to be heavy. But if you learn the art of living it like, just-any-moment, it will not affect you much. Treat it only like a rough patch on the road. You came, you got bumped, and you passed by. That’s all. Do Not carry it further. If you feel pain, get it healed. Get it cured, Yourself. Or, better, Leave it right there. Let it be. You move on. Remember, it’s a journey. You will miss the fun of scenes that are yet to come, if you keep on thinking of that rough patch. So enjoy the rest of the journey. Your life journey. Live all the  moments. Build memories. Cherish it…. THE JOURNEY OF LIFE.