Life is to live on

Life is to live on

Mistakes devastate us. It’s not the consequences of mistakes that we have done, bring distress. Actually, it’s the feeling, the guilt, the self criticism, that won’t allow us to be calm. 

We know that we should learn from our mistakes. Or forget about past. Or move on. We know. But when we face it, THE moment, even if it’s for a while, seems to be long, too long than we want it to be. 

But eventually, we do move on. We have to. The real test is now. How we deal with it, decides who is stronger, YOU or your FEAR. Try doing following simple steps to get some comfort :

  1. ‌Accept it ASAP: It is done. Accept it.  Own it. 
  2. ‌Find remedy: Think about the ways to rectify it. FOCUS on that. Solve it. (Don’t just talk about it when you are doing nothing to solve it). 
  3. ‌Take help: Do not shy away from taking help. Remember, Man is a social animal (I had started many school essays with this sentence and it worked! ). People feel great when somebody seek advice from them. You just need to find the right person! 
  4. ‌Do it yourself: Actual rectification is your take now. Work honestly hard. 
  5. ‌Feel better: If there is a will, there is a way. You will find the solution. When you had actually worked to make things right, you will surely feel better. It won’t haunt you. The inner peace which you have got is the best reward. 

Life is to live on. 

Good Luck!! 


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