Happiness, my job

Happiness, my job

I am a woman, I do many jobs 

One of them is, to be happy 

Is it a job? Yes, it is, yes it must be, for

I can’t be happy just like that. 

All seems fine when I look happy

And it’s my job to ensure all is fine

So I’m happy, yes, I’m happy dear. 
Kids feel safe, secured and serene

When I look happy, they can be naughty

And what else is childhood all about. 
You can be calm and take some rest

Smile on my face is not just for me  

It’s also to tell you, you are doing best. 
I love to be chirpy and that is all want

I’m pleased, honoured and proud

my happiness makes them happy

That’s the best emolument for my job. 


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