Adventure in my life 

​Adventure in my life

‘You’ll have an adventurous life’, a local and my aunt’s trusted astrologer, panditji had once said so. It was more than a decade ago. I wanted to laugh then, but didn’t. Adventure? In my life? I don’t allow myself to take risks. One can never find me carefree. I hesitate to go on a new path. And to top it all, I have motion sickness! I would rather prefer sitting idle at home than to travel a few kilometres, popping an anti vomiting pill (resulting in nausea), just to have fun! No way. So I’m disqualified to be an adventurer. It’s better not to take these kind of predictions seriously. 

Then, later, on one day,  after almost fifteen years I suddenly realised my life is, and has been an adventurous one. I had not travelled much yet in my life but I started feeling adventure, thrill and excitement just by living in my way. I’m expected to handle the unexpected. Isn’t this a type of adventure? 

When I had to run at 9 pm to buy stationery for my kids, as that is the time they suddenly remember about their teacher’s instructions to bring some craft items next day in school. I feel adventure in that. Getting myself dressed up in 2 minutes and rushing to the nearest stationery shop and if that happened to be closed, moving ahead as fast as I can to look for the next shop. More adventure! 

I’m the youngest in family amongst my generation. I always got love, care and protection but getting heard and proving my point of view were an adventurous task. I had to plan and present my ideas in a convincing way, sometimes added with expected tantrums, sometimes with unexpected self confidence. It’s surely a fun packed adventure and then comes the feeling of achievement, goal accomplished! 

Managing guests at home, going out for the kitty party on the same day and kid’s school test the next day becomes stressful at times but one can assume it to be unplanned journeys on an adventurous trip! And if one is a working woman, its more challenging and more adventurous, I think. 

I do not intend to compare adventurous trips out to some interesting place and the daily household experiences. I just want to make myself realise that you are what you feel. Our life is important and it’s not difficult to feel the beauty of life in everything we do. It depends on our perception. Once you start enjoying  your work, nothing can stop you from being happy. Life is an adventure. Do not miss the fun! 


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