Word power, for me

Words have power. We must have heard this many times. Here, I do not mean what we say to others. I feel that the words affect ourselves too. Long back, I felt that power within myself when I heard the word ‘ibtadaa‘. It’s an urdu word meaning, the beginning. I don’t know the language but the beauty of this word mesmerised me. I could not recollect how and when I got introduced to this word. When I told about it to my father(fathers are usually the first encyclopedia of children), he explained much more than I sought for(he usually used to do so and I loved it always). He was glad that I have found my word, my power. 

Ibtadaa, the word itself was powerful enough to take me out of any kind of negativity. It worked for me. It still works . We sometimes look for some fresh start. This word inspired me to do so. It’s like a push button for me. Everyday, we have to face many endings, small ones or sometimes, the big ones. This word equally worked in both scenarios. 

Look out for your ‘word’. There is one for each one of us, the word which works for you. Feed yourself with that word power. You will feel like you own that word. The word that is a feeling, that reassures your faith, that does not let you down come what may be, that energises your nerves to get up and show the world your power, your worth, the real you!