Let live

Last night was not a comfortable, usual one. The distress was felt which is though not a new thing to me still it was not the same one. When I’m constantly praying and doing my bit of struggle to improve my life, always looking for ways to explore the world outside as well as within me; then,  some uncouth, selfish inhabitants of this world brutally take away lives that are divinely meant to coexist in this beautiful world. 

It’s impossible for me to understand any reason for destruction. Disagreements lead to arguments or at the most, one can ignore or avoid confrontations but only in my own little world. It shivered each of my tiny cells inside my body when someone  took this beautiful life away from other people. 

It’s equally hard to explain it to kids who are still learning-honesty is the best policy, stealing and abusing is bad, we must help each other, etc. Please do not scare these little kids who are into the process of building their dreams and hoping and waiting them to realise in our world.