मानवता का प्रमाण दे

तू परिपूर्ण है मानव

भय तुझे किस बात का

विवेक तेरा छिन गया या

पत्थर का दिल हो गया

अनसुनी सी सिसकियां

क्यों मन में गूंजे नहीं

आदर्श समाज का स्वप्न

क्यों तुझे धिक्कारे नहीं

अंश तेरा तुझको पुकारे

दुनिया में तू उसको ला रे

किसने दिया है हक तुझे

मासूम अजन्मे के संहार का

मानव है तू या

भक्षक की जात का

दे मुझे दे मुझे

मानवता का प्रमाण आज


WE and fuel conservation

It’s today, usually off day for my children, but as the annual day practice is on, my younger one had to go to school. Though he was excited to go, but I was irritated with the thought that I need to wake up early today also and pack his tiffin. The other annoying thing is that I have to drop him a little far away from our apartment as school buses will only be plying only on selected routes. Our usual stop is just at our apartment gate.

This was not enough to upset me. When we walked down to reach the bus stop, I found five other children ,two of them from our society and the three of them from the society just next to ours, there. Of course, this is not what made me sad. The fact that all five of them were dropped by their parent in five different cars and scooters is really not appreciable.

Aren’t we supposed to be teaching Fuel conservation to our children or it’s just another chapter in the syllabus, or for some poster making or art competition.

Moreover, I just overheard one of the kids telling my son that he is the only one who walked down here. O please, it was hardly 5 minutes walk. When we, as parents cannot encourage our children to actually apply the fuel conservation concepts in our life, who are we dependent on for saving this planet? The whole concept and propaganda fails here. Is it only on papers? Is it just the talks?

We need to act. We need to start. We need to apply. And this ‘we’ includes us, each one of us.

All good…all well

God is omnipresent. All people have God inside them. We hear many similar good godly things. Many religions,beliefs and practices are prevalent in our society. It’s great. Different people following different practices still come together, many times, for cultural or social causes and celebrations. It’s actually nice.

But, it’s awkward when some people pursue others to follow a particular practice. No religion is superior or inferior to any other. I find many good things in each one of them. It’s obvious that if I’m following one of them,then I will tell others about good teachings and stories associated with it,and that is good! We can learn good values and life practices from everyone.

Some people’s mission is just to increase numbers…the number of people following the practice they believe in. Is it ok? It’s ok to tell,just to know about their experiences and learnings. But please let others decide what they want to do in life. Please don’t make it as your mission to increase the number of followers. Even the good teachings of the same practice loses its value when people following it has only one thing in mind,that is, increase the ‘number’!!

Let each practice be respected and please allow people to get good learnings from all the religions and practices. Let this number game be stopped .I’m sure each practice has something valuable we can learn and follow in our life. Let each person take nectar from each flower in the garden so that the sweetest honey be given back to the society 😊.


Yes, you are there,there always,
In different forms,in different ways.

When you need to show strength
You weren’t sure, still gave your best.
And then you came to me, exhausted,fatigued, tired,
Still, you are there, there always?

Your hard work is incomparable,
Honesty unmatched,unnoticed in world,
And expects me to understand, cooperate with you
Still you say, you are there always,for me?

You are so pure soul,
Fighting hard, struggling, with sincerity,
Your sorrys only, we hear for the time we lost,
How still,you are there,there always!

Money matters

A few months back.. 

I was clueless about how to make my child prepare for a debate. The topic was ‘Money is important’. He has to speak for the motion. And when I first heard about it, I asked him if he could speak against the motion. When I, myself not agree with it, how can I prepare the write – up for it. He immediately replied that it cannot be changed now. We have no option to choose from. The teacher decides and you have to write. He himself started giving me ideas on what could we write about it. Then, I searched, read googled, about the topic, half heartedly. I could not convince myself. I had never felt the money is really that much important.  Its undebatable topic, until today…. 

People seek favour. Its ok. Perfect. But when asked same thing in return, they respond as if I am selfish. I didn’t go to them. They are doing business so they have official right to be selfish. They will do it, the return of favour they asked, only for money. Here’s the story…. 

Someone asked my child’s papers, which are, of course not much important to me as he will be going to next class. I can give them happily but when the person who asked for it, runs an institution of enrichment classes for children, I tried my luck asking for the sheets from her classes, then, I was told that it comes with the price tag. And I got that humiliating feel that I cannot afford that. Now, this comes from the common friend, so it hurts more. So,Money Matters! 
I know that I’m still going to help as selfish word does not suit me. But the incident has incited me to reconsider my beliefs about some things and some people. Thank you God!! 

Be yourself. Live. 

Some people live life just as they have been TAUGHT to; this might help them win the survival game or ensure that they are at the safest distance from all kinds of controversies but, after a certain time, doesn’t their conscious gets reluctant to own them? Strange? But I’m sure, at least some of us share the same feelings.
 When we are about to start feeling that we are the New Generation, we find the generation next to us is already there, growing fast to TEACH us now! 

‘Being Me’ becomes difficult; these people were being guided so much all through their life that they do not remember what they actually are and what they really want to do in life. You will say that this is good,  Good luck. Yes. OK, They are blessed. No doubt. 

Merely following instructions feel like dependent forever. They are being protected to the extent that they could not feel their identity as an individual. Though they had enjoyed that dependency but not forever, especially, when they grow up, it seems everyone is concerned about themselves now, and THEN, they are left on their own. Suddenly, they are dropped! 

It’s their inability to notice when that happened.  They get confused. They don’t know what to do with themselves. 

After that realisation,  they do gather courage and wisdom to start afresh without offending anyone. That is the time when they look for all inspirational books and incline towards spirituality for mental peace. And other people think that they are becoming too much religious. But they know that deep inside they want the same carefree life and all-things-get-managed-on-their-own type of environment!! 

Hey dear, It is the time when you hone your talent of socialising just to have that ‘In‘ kind of feeling. You might start feeling matured now. You think that you have become wiser! And you start preaching others too! And then, you have this sudden, but expected realisation that you actually did not live YOUR life. You might think that you had lost so much of YOUR years. By this time kids start telling you their wants and needs and YOU are bound to cater them!!! 😇

Still ,Live your remaining life, by BEING YOURSELF. 

All the best! 

Live happily… Its easy 

​Sorrow is never Sorrow.. I recently realised it. It is just our inability to notice our blessings. 

It’s our stupidity that we do not realise that we have plenty… As much as needed to be cheerful. Why we need someone else to make us realise that we are blessed enough to remain happy? We go to babas or sadhus for the enlightenment. Or sometimes, it’s the suffering of others that give the lesson of our life! This happened just recently with me. 

She is the best lady, the best mother, the happiest mother, the happiest lady…. I had given these titles to her and may be, many more, always in my heart and my mind. I always thought why I can’t be so jolly type of person like her. She is raising a handsome, confident son. He is also brilliant, has charismatic personality. They both spend a good time together.. Go out for lunch, fun, party etc. She seem to be my ideal for the way life is to be lived.

Today, I got to know that her husband is bed ridden since last 10 years!! He has some problems with nervous system. He can speak but no limb movements could be possible. She told me. I could see tears in her eyes and felt in mine too. But I do not want to make her realise that I am such a weak person. I could not even listen the things which she had been coping since long, that too with smile always. I never thought life would give me such a big lesson like this… 

Count your blessings. 

I always liked this mother – son duo and now I have a deep respect for them. She is my inspiration for how life should be lived. And now, sympathy, crying, misery are out of my dictionary. Live and Live happily… Always, come what may be. Be tougher than your problems. That is my new year resolution!!! 

my thoughts and perceptions are reflections of my soul and reasons to admire the world.